Pineapple Shrubs – 2 or 6 PACK


SHRUBS were developed centuries ago to preserve seasonal fruits for use year-round. PINEAPPLE SHRUB is a natural aromatic cocktail enhancer made from Pineapple, champagne vinegar and agave. Use with your favorite spirits to create your own incredible cocktail, or use with sparking water to create natural sodas for the whole family.

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  • NATURAL – Our Pineapple Shrub is infused with natural flavors of pineapple, champagne vinegar, and agave. This tasty miracle of modern mixology produces amazing flavors in concentrated amounts using the benefits of vinegar.
  • PAIRS WELL WITH ANY SPIRIT – We only use premium ingredients that pair with your favorite spirit to make a variety of cocktails.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Pour 2 oz Pineapple Shrub with 2 oz of your favorite spirit and top it off with 4 oz of sparking water in an 8 oz glass with ice and garnish with a lime wedge or slices of pear. Each Bottle Makes about 8 Cocktails: Use about 1-2 oz to every 1 large side jigger pour (1 ½ oz) of spirit.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS – We encourage our customers to turn around our bottles and read the ingredients on our bottles. We do not use ANY preservative of any kind. You can understand all the ingredients we list and know you are drinking only the best for you.
  • PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING – Everyone at your next gathering will ask where you got such a great recipe and had the time to create such a complex drink when all you had to do is add your favorite spirit. Great for any social event including, wedding shower cocktails, girls night, chef inspired meals, and at home mixology events (you will definitely win best cocktail!)
  • 2 bottles/ 16 ounces each