Shrubs Variety Pack


Our Shrubs variety pack is perfect for the Shrub lover in you. Our favorite flavors of Blackberry, Asian Pear, Pineapple & Ginger combined into one value pack. Great for a holiday, birthday or party gift.

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Crafted Cocktails Shrubs Variety 4-Pack has four flavors, Ginger, Blackberry, Pineapple and Asian Pear. Try all our Shrubs for your Homemade Cocktails, Sodas and Culinary Recipes.

  • Top mixologists around the world are using shrubs to make flavorful, unique cocktails
  • Created with champagne vinegar, 100% agave and all natural extracts
  • 40 calories per one ounce serving, typical usage is 1/2 ounce making for low calorie, high flavor drinks.
  • Use shrubs with sparking water to make healthy, non-alcoholic sodas
  • 4 bottles, 16 ounces each