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Cocktail Mixes

Crafted Cocktails Mission is to bring, sophisticated, healthy cocktail mixes home. We only use natural ingredients including 100% agave nectar and no preservatives, so anyone can serve a precision-crafted cocktail. Our mixes are truly “Handcrafted in a bottle.”



Grapefruit Paloma

Cocktail Mix
Flavor Notes: Grapefruit & Lime

Welcome to Mexico’s best-kept secret. While the tequila sunrise and the margarita hog the spotlight, the laid-back Grapefruit Paloma has quietly become a fan favorite north of the border. Simply pour your favorite tequila, mezcal (or both) over this tasty fusion of grapefruit, lime and agave nectar and enjoy!

recipe 1: Traditional Grapefruit Paloma
recipe 2: Grapefruit Mocktail
recipe 3: Greyhound

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Bar Essentials

Is there anything so delicious as a perfectly mixed drink? The layers of color, the multiple levels of clean flavors, the beautiful blend of recognizable tastes blended with your favorite liquor in a mixed drink make any occasion memorable. We feel that Bar Essentials are the key to a well-balanced drink. They add flavor, depth, and color to your cocktails.

Crafted Cocktails is excited to introduce our line of Bar Essentials that are key for any at home Mixologist. These all natural mixers will provide multiple options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes. Skies the limit!


Sweetened Lime Juice


Sweetened Lime Juice was designed to give your cocktail or mocktail a sweet citrus boost. Other uses for this Bar Essential include Marinades, Dressings or Sauces.

Directions: Use about 1 Tbsp. per serving to enhance the sweetness of your cocktail or mocktail.

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What’s old is new again as Shrubs are sweeping the globe as the natural cocktail enhancer of choice. Crafted Cocktails, the maker of all-natural Cocktail Mixers and Shrubs, offer five refreshing flavors, STRAWBERRY, BLACKBERRY, ASIAN PEAR, GINGER & PINEAPPLE.

Founder, Felicia Vieira, has gone back to her roots using her grandmother’s Shrubs recipes to preserve fruit flavors throughout the winter. Using them with her grandfather’s homemade spirits, the entire family become mixologists. Vieira loves sharing her family’s passion for this all-natural. fruit-infused drinking vinegar which provides any cocktail a great tasting boost.

  • PAIR WITH ANY SPIRIT: Our Shrubs can be used with any spirit: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Mezcal or Rum. And even Sparkling Wine and Champagne.
  • USE AS A NATURAL SODA: Pair Shrubs with Sparkling Water and make a refreshing, low calorie natural soda.
  • VINEGAR IS A HEALTH AID: Vinegars are a natural health aid for many ailments. Get your daily vinegar shot in this great tasting beverage.
  • 30 SERVINGS PER BOTTLE: Shrubs are concentrated and packed with tons of flavor. Most recipes only need ½ ounce which means you get about 30 servings per bottle.
  • LOW CALORIE: A ½ ounce serving is only 25 calories, but still packs your drink with tons of flavor.


Flavor Notes: blackberry, vinegar, agave

BLACKBERRY SHRUBS are an all-natural, aromatic cocktail enhancer made from blackberries, champagne vinegar and 100% real agave. Its deep purple color belies a refreshing burst of berry flavors. Gives any cocktail a fruity edge. Perfect as a champagne topper.

Recipe 1: Classic Blackberry Shrub Cocktail
Recipe 2: Sparkling Blackberry Shrub
Recipe 3: Blackberry Smash
Recipe 4: Blackberry Mule

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