Spicy Watermelon Cocktail or Mocktail Mix – 2 or 6 PACK


Raise your bar with SPICY WATERMELON COCKTAIL MIX. Top mixologists met to concoct this palate-pleasing blend of watermelon, lime, mint and jalapeño flavors. Splash some of this most original brew over your favorite spirits and let the good times roll. For a fun idea: Pour this mix into an ice tray, freeze and use as ice cubes with sparkling water or any alcoholic drink.


  • TROPICAL INGREDIENTS – Our Spicy Watermelon combines the fresh blend of natural watermelon, lime, and spice for a refreshing balance of sweet and spicy flavors.
  • PAIRS WELL WITH ANY SPIRIT – We only use premium ingredients that pair with your favorite spirit to make a variety of cocktails. Vodka makes a great martini, tequila for a spicy margarita, rum for an Island Breeze and whiskey for a perfect Tropical Saddle.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Pour 3 parts Spicy Watermelon Mixer with 1 ½ part your favorite spirit in an 8 oz glass with ice and garnish with a watermelon cube or lime wedge. Each bottle makes about 8 mocktails or cocktails: Use about 2 large side jigger pours (3 oz.) to every 1 large side jigger pour (1 ½ oz) of spirit.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS  – We encourage our customers to turn around our bottles and read the ingredients. We only use the best ingredients to enhance your spirit of choice. You can understand all the ingredients we list and know you are drinking only the best for you.
  • PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING – Everyone at your next gathering will ask where you got such a great recipe and had the time to create such a complex drink when all you had to do is add your favorite spirit. Our mixers are great to use for: BRIDAL SHOWERS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, BABY SHOWERS, QUINCEAÑERA’S, DINNER PARTIES, BBQ’S, HOLIDAYS, AND SO MANY MORE!
  • Nonalcoholic Cocktail or Mocktail Mixers
  • 33 oz bottles